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tv   [untitled]    April 25, 2012 2:00am-2:30am PDT

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decision based on what we are given, we will do that. >> any other questions for the attorneys while we have them up here? thank you. if nothing further, perhaps we should take public comments. before we start public comments, comments will be limited to two minutes before it -- for each person. there is a clock that counts down. there are two dings.
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the second one indicates the time is up. i apologize in advance. i am not intending to be rude, but because of the number of people, i am going to instruct death-- that the microphone be d off after the two-minute so everyone can have an opportunity to make a public comment. public comment is not evidence, so you have every right to give your comment, but we will not be considering as evidence and adjudicating the public comment that is provided. we look forward to your comments. >> they have very interesting
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post said about your collective performance on his side. you should read it. you will remember that the grand jury sided you in a sleeping watchdog report that you had dismissed 18 previous misconduct cases with no hearings, and then you heard a case and refer it to the mayor, who did nothing. i believe you have four referrals from of for you are sitting supervisors involving official misconduct. you have been cherry picking cases. it is interesting you mentioned c369313.
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you will recall st. croix use that repeatedly against me, and for eight months of this body has refused to schedule a public hearing on the official misconduct cases referred to in my case. the article this morning and notes julie nadler saying it is important to remember this as a hearing on ethics, not on of law. i have not heard one comment from his body on ethical issues in the many years i have monitored your hearing. are you suddenly going to take a course in reasoning? thank you.
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>> good evening, everyone. i am an activist in the city, and i am here completely to tell you item here in the interest of justice, not prejudice to any side at all. as far as misconduct is concerned, willie brown was a mayor and a grandfather of the age of 68, when he had a child still legitimately out of wedlock would not even a slap on the rivers. every newsom had an affair with a married woman. not a slap on the wrist. i was a victim of abuse in my first marriage when my husband punched me while i had an infant child. pinging someone on the armed
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does not mean a thing, because if you look at me, i had a bruise, so that is not evidence of misconduct. as far as i am concerned, this is ridiculous, and you measure it sensibly that this is not an issue of misconduct. it should not be judged prematurely by the media, so they are crucifying him before he gets a chance to defend its self -- himself. this is not justice. this is a very serious matter. you should dismiss this completely, because it is out of bounds. thank you. [applause]
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>> i am the director of the association, and there is a gross disparity in so-called and justice. . they dismiss 18 cases without even having a hearing to return to the jury called those a sleeping watch dog, then when a library commission president violated the sunshine ordinance as founded unanimously by the sunshine ordinance task force and a case came before you for enforcement, you issued a letter to the mayor recommending the president of that commission be sacked. what did the mayor do? nothing, nothing at all but was publicly visible. what happened? nothing happened. jule gomez was reelected as
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president earlier this year, and they did not even have another nominee to vote for. i will read from your own letter on july 18, 2011. the commission violated -- was said to have violated section 6758 for willful failure to allow public comment at a library commission meeting. the ethics commission determine the library commission president gomez willfully violated the ordinance when she shouted down a member of the public. they also determine her actions fell below the standards appropriate for a public official, and at the bottom of the letter the commission voted to recommend you consider taking steps to remove ms. gomez from
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her office in light of her actions. this is not equal justice. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. i am a former san francisco police officer. i am an investigative reporter as well as a licensed private investigator. i am miffed at the fact of mirkarimi has been taken off his job without pay, because with to get a pepper spray, when he sprayed those sitting demonstrators, he is still getting paid. let me take it back to the san francisco fire chief, when she hit her husband who over the head not once but twice with a glass and was recorded on the 911 tape where the husband said i think my children are in
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danger. what did major new some say? it is a family matter. hon the issue been on the other foot and had a man hit a woman over the head, he would have been booked, hands down. i think this is a political witch hunt. i think he is being targeted by the mayor's office of the waste of time. it is a waste of money, and it is ruining this man's life. he has not seen his wife since january. i saw a man stabbed in the face, and they got together after a month. this man has been separated from his family for four months. this is an injustice, and for you to even consider misconduct
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against him, you should consider misconduct charges against the mayor of. [applause] >> a couple of points. i think the procedures you have laid out our fair. i think they will be available by tomorrow, and we will consider incorporating them later if a workout in this proceeding. you may also want to address our size for the breesiefs. i am a bit concerned about the reference to the police officer bill of rights. i am interested in early briefing to see if that creates a problem for a closed hearing or not. i would know this is a 15.1 05 hearing, so it is a hearing and
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recommendation on suspension and removal for official misconduct. it is not an ethics complaint or investigation, so i am not clear if it applies with respect to seeking formal advice. gooi think that only relates to ethics laws and not this charter revision, so i think you need to look carefully at whether you can render that sort of a vice -- advice. i hope you will post all the documents on whethethe web, andt anyone can inspect it, and i would hope that both sides address not just the case of the
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incident in the early 1990 costs and whether the mayor needed to take action, because it certainly ties application to other city officers and conduct they may engage in now or in the future lahood. thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners. seraphim mirkarimi was democratically elected. now the mayor is using a character assassination to try and illegally removed a democratically elected officials. this is known asse a coup d'eta. it is important we be aware of what is going on.
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you commissioners sit here and are victims of the same lies every day, so i realize your job is hard for you to pull your head out of what you see on tv every day and make an honest evaluation, but it is important that you try to do this and understand the historical period where you may be witnessing a coup d'etat. thank you. >> on march 27, 2012, i spoke about equitable justice. i presented my case.
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mary was allegedly of thieves and a sitting board of supervisors. i do not need to tell you what she has done, but i will say she is a drug and alcohol it dependent. most important, she e-mailed him in prison and quickly denied it. my focus this his wife. it is imperative she is summoned live to state her side of what took place between her and her husband inside their own home. there were no other witnesses, no other adults. this all happened prior.
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the fact is there were no other adults. the ethics commission and the board of supervisors cannot go forward and make any final decisions without input. any decisions are ruled unacceptable in a court of law, and if you do not someone who mrs. mirkarimi, it would be characterized now as a miscarriage of justice. >> i am an activist in the city of san francisco and a founding member of the major nonprofit organization in the city. i have been active in the city for a long time, and i know the work we do in an organization in the city.
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one of the issues i want to raise is can the ethics commission be ethical? can you be fair knowing how you got to be on the board? and we work in this city and love this city and care about this city and care about issues concerning any illegal activities. we want you to know we love this man, and this man has been in the trenches working on sixth street, downtown, on many issues. can you be fair? right now i doubt it. he raised the issue about previous misconduct. yes, willie brown, the fire
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chief, all these issues, and can he get the same treatment? what is with this man that everybody is going berserk about it. the other issue is an election. who is supporting honewho and te election? all these issues in our mind, please be fair and take it into consideration. thank you. [applause] >> i am here in support of his family. i worked very hard to get this man elected as sheriff. for you guys to try to reverse
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that, because this is a witch hunt. the mayor's guy did not win. he needs to admit this guy did not win and let the people in the jails who are going to suffer the most from not being where he was supposed to be, so i hope you relate take this into consideration and to dobecause o be honest, and you were put in here to be fair, and it should not matter who put you here. it is about fairness. [applause] >> my name is francisco, and i have known mr. ross mirkarimi for a long, long time. i have heard nothing about
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ethics in all of the deliberations and all of the questioning. the attorneys here, as is -- as if this is a perry mason-type operation. i cast my vote. so did many constituents, and what i am here to state categorically is that san franciscans want the highest standards. from one side, i have heard comments that are despicable, as if someone is the gestapo. san francisco? you, ethics commission, have had many reports written about you, as have been stated today by
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those who monitor you. we monitor the deliberations very, very carefully. i know something about it and having worked for a liaison. i know something about the freedom of information act and your deliberations. what you have to do now is the ethical. many constituents have come here and said to your face, "i doubt you can be ethical." thank you very much. [applause] >> my name is -- king. i am the bishop of the orthodox church. i came without prepared words but a hard that is true to their
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real mix of what the san francisco community feels about ross mirkarimi, and i think it is time that the city comes together and close ranks to deal with issues that are pending that are so much more important than something i feel has been over stage. ross mirkarimi, i understand, as a provider for his family has been crippled. a city designed to protect his wife and child, then i think there're be more concerned about him being able to do that financially. this is a historical time for us with the reentry of prisoners back into the city. i think sheriff mirkarimi has expressed his desire to have the ability to be able to aid in the
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success of that program. i think that there is money that needs to be diverted in other areas other than continuing to persecute a man who has demonstrated as a supervisor and in his campaigning in the office for sheriff that he is capable and able to represent the hearts and feelings of the citizens of this city. i would also say that there is a sentiment within the streets of san francisco and the people that are not so discouraged that he would not do a good job, but they are feeling that there is a great love for a share of, one who has known what it is to fall and get up again, one that knows how important that phone call is, how important that it is that that plays an institution have dignity. i want to thank you, commissioners, for what you are doing in consideration of these
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things, and we trust that god, his truth will be established. [applause] >> good afternoon, commissioners. i am a pastor. one person to control the media, orchestrated to distract and deceive the public. at its center is an assault on our democracy. with due diligence and vigor, three of the highest elected officials in the city, the mayor, district attorney, and the city attorney have pursued mirkarimi tenaciously.
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simultaneously, they have ignored my case, sunshine case number 11048, that found supervisors eric mar, malia cohen, president chiu and others -- misconduct because all four of them have broken the law. this case was there before the mirkarimi case. furthermore, there needs to be an investigation as to why why supervisor carmen chu got a crosswalk in her district, which she did not disclose. she did not recuse yourself from the vote on that project. that was clearly a conflict of interest. the people of park merced deserve to have their case proceed as tenaciously as this
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one because we are entitled to equal protection under the law. this case is going to court, and i will pursue it with every spirit in my body. i implore you to not succumb to political pressure and not be used. you are intelligent human beings, and thank you. [applause] >> hello, good afternoon. my name is -- i am here to support share of mirkarimi and his family. i came to san francisco because i believed the city is a city of diversity, a city of fairness, a city of fairness, but all i see is injustice and corruption. you guys should dismiss this charge and let the man continued doing his job. suspension without pay is unfair and cruel. he has got family and has to be
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able to pay. a whole thing is just a sham. it is politically motivated. you guys should drop these charges and let the man continued to do his job. shared mirkarimi is one of the best politicians in san francisco. he fights for san francisco. he fights for the san francisco values. he is the type of politician we need in san francisco. i support victims of domestic violence. the victim is not saying that she was abused. she is supporting there has been. the d.a. dropped all of the charges, and there is a new charge of false imprisonment. it is a shame. you guys should not allow this to continue, and it is very
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unfortunate that we are in this situation right now. this man has got a lot of supporters in san francisco. even removed from his job, he still has a lot of influence in san francisco with his constituency and the people voted for it. they are passionate about this man, a hard-working man. he loves san francisco. he loves this city. you guys are doing wrong. [applause] >> good evening, commissioners. thank you for your time. i am kevin, and eight-year resident of district 10. i am not politically affiliated with the mayor or mr. mirkarimi. i think it would benefit the public if this were to be a speedy process, and i think the schedule that you have outlined would be good for that. i would say that it is up to the commission to decide how it is going to make a decision,
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whether it be majority vote, unanimous vote, or a consensus, and the majority of my comments will be directed towards official misconduct. it is said to be any wrongful behavior in relation to the duties of the office. as a top law enforcement official, knowing right from wrong, to know and enforce the law, and also to exercise discretion in areas where the law may be unclear, an unfortunate example of that maybe at uc-davis, where some protestors were sprayed with pepper spray. i would say that anyone who knowingly and willfully violate a federal, state, county, or city statute does not have level of impeccable moral character that is necessary to exercise that kind of judgment as a top
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law-enforcement official. so i recognize that mr. mirkarimi has many years of service to the city, and i thank him for that, but i do not believe that he is that as our top law-enforcement official because of this character judgment issue, and i think he will have a chance to rebuild, but if, in fact, he admits to breaking a law of california, that he has violated the official misconduct statute of the city charter. thank you. >> good evening. my name is tammy bryant, and i did not come here prepared to testify because i did not know we would have that chance, so i am grateful. i am here to support share of mirkarimi and to urge you to dismiss these charges for a glaring lack of evidence that any misconduct occurred. i stand before you as the mother of


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